Encuentro Feminista Latino Americano y del Caribe 2014

Woman's March

What happens when 1,500 women identified individuals meet in one space? Personal, collective, and social transformation happens!   This past Encuentro Feminista was in Peru and it was very inspirational and it reaffirmed me with positivity with what I am already working on in my hometown of East L.A.   One of my new year’s […]

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Community Accountability: A response to healing ourselves

colourful plant pots

“Our survival depends on being creative“ – Gloria Anzaldua   “Community accountability is the practice of imagining, creating, and applying alternative responses to violence from and within communities“ – Ana Clarissa Rojas Durazo     It may sound impossible but we are capable of healing ourselves if we become determined to construct a collective healing […]

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Community Building

plant growing in a rock

Building community is an artistic revolutionary process. We are gathering a collective consciousness to resist a society that enables and fosters individualism, competition, consumerism, violence against vulnerable people, and unfair punishment. We are not born educated nor with the skills to combat a capitalist culture conditioning people to hate themselves and work hard to realize […]

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