I love being involved in different community projects which help me learn and grow as a community social worker. For the past four years I have been involved in collaborative projects as well as my own with my family. This year we have been working on a book with my mother and grandmother titled Los Hilos Que Tejen. The book gives emphasis on Latina women’s stories residing in Los Angeles. The launch of the book will be next year on March 8th, 2015 to celebrate International Women’s Day!

Below is a timeline of all the community projects I have been involved in:


» Generaciones en Accion


» Solidarity House of the South/Casa Solidaria del Sur Community Space

 Facebook – Solidarity House of the South

 Website – Solidarity House of the South


» Book: “Los Hilos Que Tejen”

 Los Hilos Que Tejen (Threads that Weave) – Video/Kickstarter Campaign

» Jovenes en Resistencia Poetry

» INCITE! Color of Violence 4 Conference


» 2nd Annual Boyle Heights Primavera Festival

» XIII EFLAC Peru-Encuentro Feminista Latinoamericano y del Caribe

» Book Los Hilos Que Tejen

» ELAWC: Boyle Heights Project

» Los Poemas de la Izquierda Erotica al Teatro


» Liberation School of Los Angeles

» 1st Annual Boyle Heights Primavera Festival

» ELAWC: Boyle Heights Project


» USC Latino Social Work Caucus

» ELAWC: Boyle Heights Project


» Community Education for Social Action (CESA)

Save Wyvernwood march